What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Princeton University?


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The article talks about the top 3 things that students should do for fun at Princeton University. There are many exciting and fun filled things that students can do in their college or university. When you study at Princeton University, you can also do a lot of things for fun. You can sing, dance and participate in extra-curricular activities like sports or writing for fun which can also help you to improve your overall learning. You should choose 3 things that are suitable for you or the 3 things that help you to have fun.

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Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

Whenever possible, students at Princeton love to go to arch sings. It's a great opportunity to see your friends rock it, and it's a great way to take a break from your studies. I personally also love to climb on rooftops. Princeton has some great roofs with battlements and the like where you can go with friends and listen to music and catch up. Finally, I love to go to comedy shows. Princeton has a great improv group called Quipfire which is my favorite.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

We go out to the Street on Thursdays and Saturdays, sometimes Fridays. There's always a play, show, concert, or other student performance piece to go see. Then there's the classic chilling in a dorm room with friends.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

Students like to: - go out on Thursday and Saturday nights to the eating clubs (think of coed frats/sororities without Greek names). - attend study breaks with free food and entertainment. - visit New York City on the weekend.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

Attend student performances like dance shows, theater shows and comedy shows. Students like to go out to eating clubs on thursdays and saturdays. Many people participate in all sorts of extracurricular activities

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

The most typical way to relieve stress (a "study break") is to break for a meal and grab some food with friends. Since we're so busy, our extracurriculars (such as sports/music/theatre) are our way of having fun. Lastly, some people really enjoy going out to the Street

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

Play Ping Pong in the Dining Halls after eating Play Ultimate Frisbee in the fields Go to the Movie Theatre that the Undergrad-student-gov. pays for. (free movies shown Thursday-Saturday)

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