What tutoring services are available at NYU?


James Miille, NYU student

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NYU offers plenty of tutoring services! Beyond regular tutoring sessions, one of the most popular places to go for help is the Writing Center. There, you can set up an appointment to meet with an NYU writing professor to help edit any papers you need some help on or just a proofread of! Here is a link to the website for the Writing Center. http://www.nyu.edu/cas/ewp/html/writing_center.html

Anonymous, Tutoring

NYU offers free peer tutoring at the University Learning Center, 18 Washington Place, every Monday and Wednesday, 1pm - 6pm: http://www.nyu.edu/students/undergraduates/academic-services/undergraduate-advisement/academic-resource-center/tutoring-and-learning.html The word on the street is there are plans to significantly expand tutoring services at NYU.

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