If I have entered the correct SAT scores, GPA, extra curriculars, etc, is your generated list accurate? I'm trying to come up with the "14" schools that John Katzman recommends applying to in his Ted Talk. What if all of my schools are too selective?


John Katzman, Keen Observer of University Admissions

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"Accurate" is the wrong word. Noodle is trying to give you some suggestions for your search; we're looking for schools that fit your personality and interests, that will challenge you, and that you might get into. But this is a starting point--create a list of 30 schools worth researching, and then do some homework. Visit the schools' sites. Read reviews about them on Princeton Review, Niche, and other good sites we excerpt.

When you save the final 14 of them on a Noodle list, we'll tell you your odds of getting into at least three of them (you can only go to one, but you'd like to have choices); you should keep looking if that number is under 95%.

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