My child did not attend Columbia Secondary for Middle School. I've heard it's very difficult to get into the high school if this is the case. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?


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The information provided above is right on point. It doesn't hurt to apply, but be sure to broaden your options since the amount of seats are limited. The new search engine on allows you to search by 7th grade gpa. There is also InsideStats data that help figure what's a good fit for your child based on your priorities.

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It’s true that a lot of families now enroll in the CSS middle school primarily for the high school, so the retention is high and the number of available spaces starting in 9th grade is low. But there are a handful of spaces each year and they are worth applying for.

CSS will look at middle school grades, 7th grade state test scores, attendance, and teacher recommendations when evaluating students. The school also gives preference to kids who live in District 6.

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