What was a typical Harvard University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Harvard University.


Steve Maloy, Be individual

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Noting special. You don't have to look or act like someone else. Just be individual. Be personality. Make people want to be like you. In this case you will be successful.
You know, i provide people with paper help they need, so sometimes i talk to teachers and mentors. And they do not like 'gray people' that don't have something special but always try to act like someone else.

Seth Rollins, Liteblue

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covasi, alkaline water machine

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ankit121, ankit

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herbal sejagat, 1

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Tom Weeks, Harvard student

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Man, there no such thing like a typical Harvard University Student. We are all very different from each other - there are introverts, extroverts etc. You have to be intelligent and that's it, really.

Tom from LTT (check our reviews)

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2019

The typical student expended significant effort in academics and performed well scholastically. The typical student also participated in numerous extracurricular or athletic activities. Most of all, the typical student demonstrated that he or she was concerned about making an impact on the world.

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