How satisfied with their MBA experience are graduates of the Michigan State’s Broad Graduate School of Management?


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In 2014, Forbes surveyed 17,000 MBA graduates from 100 highly regarded business schools five years after their graduation to get a sense of their near-term experiences as MBA holders. Graduates of the Broad School of Management ranked #4 on the list of “Most Satisfied MBA Graduates,” up five places from their #9 rank in 2011 and ahead of such prestigious programs as Dartmouth, Duke and Chicago. Only Stanford, UC-Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon ranked higher.

Students were also asked to rank their satisfaction with their current jobs, their preparedness relative to graduates of other programs and their satisfaction with their MBA education. Broad earned a high mark in terms of current job satisfaction (#6) and an even higher rank in satisfaction with the MBA program itself (#3).

Of course, student opinions aren’t the only measure of MBA satisfaction. Forbes also ranked Broad’s full-time MBA program #22 overall and #9 among public university schools of business based on the financial return on investment (ROI) for alumni.

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