Which 3 extracurricular activities at Catonsville High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Catonsville High School, Class of 2016

National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society and Gaming Club an=re the most popular activities at Catonsville High School. I would recommend Gaming Club, Chess Club, Theatre Club, and National Math Honor Society.

Anonymous, Student, Catonsville High School, Class of 2017

At Catonsville High School, there is a plethora of extracurricular programs to participate in. The vast majority provide opportunities to be constructive: many clubs promote community service, while others focus on intellectually engaging activities. The most popular organizations outside of the classroom are Green Club, Steel Drum Band, and Spanish Club due to their accessibility and ease. While I would undoubtedly recommend Green Club for any student, I am equally an advocate for the lesser known CEFM (Catonsville Emergency Food Ministry) service. Firstly, Green Club is the epitome of convenience paralleled with service. Those who join appreciate its modest time commitment-it runs for one hour every Thursday-and its accessibility within the building following the final bell. Not only that, but Green Club is based on an admirable cause: members strive to reflect the "environment-friendly" title associated with Catonsville High by properly disposing of recycling throughout the building. This is the ideal club for students with hectic schedules, clawing for a rewarding yet facile experience detached from class. My other recommendation is CEFM, an enjoyable volunteer service Catonsville provides. Here, students work together to organize and then distribute food items, toys, and sports equipment to the homeless in the local area. Meeting every Wednesday, members work in earnest for those less fortunate, and unique relationships result from sharing a selfless cause. From personal involvement, I have developed gratitude for my benign work, knowing I am making a valuable impression on someone else’s life. The affluence and benefits of chances to make contributions to my community allow me to speak so highly of the extracurricular opportunities at Catonsville High.

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