Would you recommend attending Don Bosco Prep High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Don Bosco Prep High School, Class of 2016

As a student of Don Bosco Prep I would recommend enrolling in the school. From dozens of clubs to the many sports available Don Bosco Prep provides an environment for a young man to develop his qualities as an individual. Several sports are available at Don Bosco Prep from fencing to football both with junior varsity and varsity teams. There are small clubs such as the chess club and more popular clubs such as mock trial. Don Bosco provides all its students with a rich education offering many AP classes from Psychology to History. The school celebrates its patrons feast day with its students in a special way every year through a mission trip in or outside of campus. As an all-boys school Don Bosco prep has provided me with an environment free from distractions where I can focus on my academics and sports. Throughout the four years if going to Don Bosco Prep I have built unbreakable bonds with my friends that I now consider to be my brothers.

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