Which 3 extracurricular activities at Naperville North High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Naperville North High School

Soccer, Orchesis and football are very popular with students at Naperville North. I recommend Dance Team, Basketball and Yearbook.

Anonymous, Student, Naperville North High School, Class of 2016

Sports are big at Naperville North. The number one sport is obviously football. Everyone has a blast. The players get to go out and play in front of their friends and family for fun while everyone else stays in the "Dawg Pound". The Dawg Pound is a place where people cheer on their friends and have fun. The Dawg Pound is at every sporting event. Basketball is a fun alternative in the winter time with competitive teams in the area coming to play at North. And since basketball is played inside, their is no need to worry about weather. The last big extracurricular activity at North would be the major dances. North has two major dances, Homecoming and Spring. Homecoming is your usually homecoming-like dance with the week leading up to it filled with fun events like the Homecoming Assembly and Class Olympics (events that pit representatives from each class against each other, like the real olympics!). But Spring is different, everything is the same except of the boy asking the girl out, it's the girl asking the guy out. It's fun since it turns the table and makes guys feel the same thing girls usually feel during homecoming.

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