Describe the type of student who should attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Why?


Francisco Darrell, education and make progress

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I know that students at this university like to play online games. They earn an education and make progress in self-education. They make bets on special websites for cyber This is a new direction that captures the minds of young people.


There are no specifics when it comes to describing a UNC attendee. We are all culturally diverse, socially unique individuals with common aspirations. I remember writing my application essays as a senior in high school wondering how I should present myself. Questioning whether I should flaunt my thirst for education, love for involvement, or quest to change the world. I don't remember which one I catered to the most because it failed to matter. Anyone with the desire and will for self improvement on an educational, mental, and social level would make an amazing UNC student. From personal experience, this university has provided it's students with the tools to achieve these goals. In the lecture halls to the dorm rooms, UNC is infested with rich opportunities to becoming a better "you".


If you are a student who views diversity as an ever-evolving process rather than a goal that can be reached should attend UNC. The meaning of diversity is not a single definition but rather encompasses intellectual diversity, ethnic diversity, ability diversity amongst many more.

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