Would you recommend attending Jonesboro High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Jonesboro High School, Class of 2016

I would most definitely recommend attending Jonesboro High School. I actually did have the choice to attend Jonesboro High School because I am an out-of-district transfer student at JHS. I stand by my decision wholeheartedly. The number of Advanced Placement classes, the talented teachers, and the warm learning environment were initially what attracted me to the school but the reasons that I am staying at JHS for my last year of high school are innumerable. My peers are the future Michael Jordans, Barack Obamas, Lena Dunhams, and Albert Einsteins.

Anonymous, Student, Jonesboro High School, Class of 2015

I am a senior and I must say, this school is one of the worst. Why:dirty! This school is so filthy rats have been seen sometimes and cockroaches are so common. Students! Beware, most of the student body have horrid personalities towards learning and others. Others are just plain creepy and won't leave you alone. Bullying or harassment is very common. easy classes. you won't feel challenged. All you have to do is do work and turn it in. This school has so few AP classes. administration. The administration isn't the same without Ms. Johnson. The current ones could be okay, but honestly they don't like dealing with bullying or misc. issues with students unless they constantly bring it to the office to be addressed. Which can take over 3 visits. There can be biased ways they handle the situations too, such as: only listening to one student on their side of the story and determine it from there when the other student has proof and witnesses, not allowing the student to call the witnesses, and other ways they can think of closing the case without doing their job. Oh, and if you can create a false sob story in a case, they'll believe that story 100% even if you're lying.

Anonymous, Student, Jonesboro High School, Class of 2015

I would recommend attending at Jonesboro. The school is small, so the classes are, too. The teachers truly want you to succeed in the classroom, ag. shop, and field and court. Everybody is very close here, so if something is wrong, we'll know and we'll do whatever it takes to help each other out. Jonesboro is like one big happy family.

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