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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Milligan College?


Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2016

1.) the size of the school is oddly enough the best part. You get to know everyone so well. Teachers will even have students and classes over to their house for dinner. It's neat to be that close to people, especially coming from a big city.

2.) students must attend chapel every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am. At first I thought it was kind of lame, but it has really become something that I enjoy. The whole school in one place. It's like the whole campus shuts down for that hour while we worship together.

3.) the cafeteria has an endless icecream and toppings bar. It's magical, like a dream. This alone is reason enough to come to Milligan! Go buffs!

Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2019

The reasons I believe students chose to attend Milligan is because... 1) a small campus of about 1,200 students where the professors really give a 1 on 1 experience 2) learn more about God and his plans for us as servant leaders 3) be surround by mountains and nature and enjoy the beauty of TN

Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2018

It is a small Christian college. It is in a beautiful part of the country. Their Humanities program is a wonderful, mandatory program for all students.

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