Which 3 extracurricular activities at Amesbury High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Amesbury High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurricular activities are: student council, band, and theater. However, my recommendations vary depending on who I am talking to. I would highly recommend student council to most anybody who has interest in supporting their school and community. Not only this, the group of kids in student council are probably some of the most dedicated, funny, and energetic in the whole school. No meeting is ever boring. I would also recommend Peer leaders because the group mainly focuses on what they can do for our community and could always use more active members.

Anonymous, Student, Amesbury High School, Class of 2016

The most popular extracurricular activities at my school would be the three sports that my school takes the most pride and fun in supporting which are football, softball, and basketball. Each event is like a mini school gathering and everyone is cheering for the same people. I would recommend joining the tennis team because being a part of it myself it is a fun and relaxed sport that has great coaches and team members.

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