Would you recommend attending Collins Hill High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Collins Hill High School, Class of 2016

I absolutely hate the layout of the school. If your are directionally challenged, like me, navigating can be difficult. Despite that, the school has decent teachers, and a good curriculum. I would probably recommend the school.

Anonymous, Student, Collins Hill High School, Class of 2015

Yes, I would. I love the atmosphere and the teachers there are excellent. You can tell they truly care about their students, and the new principal rocks!

Anonymous, Student, Collins Hill High School, Class of 2015

In all honesty, there were many moments in Collins Hill High School that felt somewhat detrimental towards my own personal self. The student body has, if you will, as much of it's share of bad apples as it does good ones and, sometimes, as their being well-known triumphs over that of other new students, it can feel as if you have no place whatsoever. However, it was these very experiences that help to lead me onto other friends and groups of people all around our student body who also shared my sentiments over how our school functions. As a result, we gained not only an awareness of our immediate environment and an urge to change things for the better, we were also able to form friendships out of the most unintentional situations. Truthfully, experiences such as these are nothing short of priceless and I would urge anyone who wants to find a high school they can call a "second home" to attend Collins Hill.

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