At CHMS, are there many fights and disrespectful teachers in the sixth grade hallway?


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To contact Chapel Hill Middle School directly, call the office at (678) 676-8502. If you're a parent, some groups that you might want to contact in order to express your concerns are the CHMS School Council or the CHMS Parent Teacher Association. You might also find it helpful to visit the DeKalb County Public Schools Parent Resources page.

To help you get a sense of a school's overall environment, Noodle provides a "Climate" score as a part of each school's Noodle report card, which you can find in the upper right-hand corner of a school's Noodle profile. Where data points are available, the climate score considers absentee and attendance rates, mobility, retention, dropout rates, suspensions, expulsions, violence, bullying harassment, and parental involvement. The higher the score, the better the climate.

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