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Hi, I'm new to computer science, and I would like to start preparing myself for studying it. I would like some help on where to start?


Jim Marshall, Online Tutor

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Tracy Jennings, Works at Noodle and here to help!

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You've chosen a very exciting and dynamic field of study! The details of computer science changes rapidly, and so you'll join a community of new as well as experienced individuals who are trying to stay on top of the latest technology and coding languages.

Some of important topics within computer science to explore include programming languages, computational science, artificial intelligence, and the simulation of processes. Noodle's expert-written articles about computer science is a good first place to start.

Good luck, and have fun!

(To be clear, computer engineering is a separate but related discipline: it integrates areas of computer science with electrical engineering in order to develop computer hardware and software. Another avenue to consider!)

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