Do you have to be in college to apply?


Will Carington, works for Noodle

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If you're wondering about an internship or job opportunity listed on Noodle, you can get in touch with the prospective employer and find a detailed job description by clicking the "Apply" button. You'll then be redirected to the site where the job was originally posted. Hope this helps!

Samer Hamadeh, Co-author of The Internship Bible and America’s Top Internships. Former CEO.

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You can apply for some internships while you're in high school, but for most internships, the pre-requisite is that you are a current college student. Definitely check out the internships on Noodle and read the requirements carefully. That said, even if you're not in college, consider applying anyway, especially to a local business that hasn't posted an internship anywhere and especially if you possess a special talent (eg, iOS programmer or graphic designer) that doesn't necessarily require college enrollment or a college degree. Companies are salivating for talent, not credentials.

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