my granddaughter desperately needs pre-school she will need extra help and she is "2nd" on the waiting list for headstart since last summer. I cant afford expensive preschool.. can you please help. can she go in the summer? she will have to start k this fall. she is so far behind and very shy on top of it, she is FAS. Please can you help?


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Hello there!

There are a couple of pre schools around your zip code your granddaughter can enroll in.

Candyland Play Care - 541-267-5485

Linda's Day Care- 541-269-5074

Christ Lutheran Church & School- 541- 267-3851

Just Kids Daycare Center - 541- 756-4000

Here is some extra information for the Head Start Association in Oregon. Give them a call to speed up the process!

-Tristian Mock - Executive Director- 503-580-4722

-Rudy Miller - OHSA Support Staff- 541.747.2425 x1206

-General Phone number- 503-580-4722

Hope this helps!

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