What is a typical World Language High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend World Language High School.


Anonymous, Student, World Language High School, Class of 2016

At World Language High School we don't just come to study but we are family we know each other. Students that come to World Language come to study and to have fun. Ever students that want to attend at World Language High School are welcome because we accept every culture. You don't get to be judge or bully students in World Language like people from the outside and see new faces. Even transfer students come here to experience our little community and everybody that has come here has loved it.

Anonymous, Student, World Language High School, Class of 2017

It all depends on your perspective i know world language likes to students who know what they want. Meaning that their ready to give it all to get to what they desire. I would say a world language student is creative and always wants to do good and is willing to sacrifice stuff to get to their goal. A person who wants to attend this high school should be ready to work and learn since the moment they step on world language

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