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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Allegheny College?


Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2017

The number one thing to do for fun at Allegheny, unsurprisingly, is go out on weekends (and some weekdays) and party with your friends. Though, there are other options for fun on campus that don't involve drunken escapades. Allegheny hosts late night events every weekend, and a club or organization will create an event ranging from making homemade salsa, watching Jurassic Park, learning how to make sushi or planting your own bamboo plant. Something else Allegheny College students do to take their mind off studying is going to the movies. The town that Allegheny is situated in has a little movie theatre downtown that only charges three dollars for movies. On the first Friday of the month, local restaurants and the movie theatre get together to offer a deal- dinner and a movie, all for a low-broke-college-student price.

Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2017

There are always many activities to get into at Allegheny. You are either participating in rush week to enter in a sorority or fraternity, participating in wing fest or spring fest and checking out the game room or GFC (coffee shop) to converse with friends.

Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2017

  1. Many students who attend Allegheny College enjoy the campus. Right when the Fall semester begins, we have a college brochure campus. Students are outside constantly, playing frisbee, doing homework , or just sitting on blankets enjoying the sunshine. The leaves change right around October every year and it is one of the most beautiful times to be on campus.

  2. Clubs are another huge aspect of student life on such a small campus. If you have a passion and the idea to start a club, chances are there will be other people who will join you. I really enjoy how diverse my campus is as far as all of the clubs that exist. I am personally the Treasurer of our International Club, which I find rewarding as I get to interact with a lot of the exchange students.

  3. Students also venture into the surrounding town of Meadville for something fun to do. Though it is small, Meadville is home to a lot of small restaurants, such as the Market House. A favorite place for a lot of students to get brunch on the weekends, the Market House is a college budget friendly diner that also doubles as a store on the weekends when it sells all kinds of baked goods and hand made food and crafts.

Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2015

go to woodcock lake for running biking and so on, explore downtown Meadville and the different shops and local restaurants, and enjoy life on campus with the activities located in the campus center

Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2018

Allegheny College is located in a small town of Pennsylvania, known as Meadville. Not only is Meadville known for its production of dog food, but Meadville is also known for having some of the worst weather conditions on the planet. Because of this, the students at Allegheny college have some unique forms of fun on campus 1. Make the best of all of the snow that we've gotten 2. Ice skate on the ice that came from all of the rain that freezes over 3. Work hard, study hard, play hard

Anonymous, Student, Allegheny College, Class of 2018

We participate in clubs, go to events held by Allegheny Student Government, and make friends and be with them.

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