What was a typical Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley.


Anonymous, Student, Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley, Class of 2017

The typical MCC- Penn Valley student, could be a straight A student or a student who really wasn't determined to stay in school. The typical high school student can vary. We have a wide range of ages and a very diverse group of students. The type of person that would attend Penn Valley would be if you are just starting out in college and you aren't really sure what you want to do with your life. Also, we have non-transitional students, those are students who have dropped out of school at an early age for what ever reason, and they have decided to return to have a better change of moving up in the work place. These students also attend school to just prove that they are able to succeed. Attending this community college doesn't mean that you didn't have the smarts to attend a four year university, it is way cheaper for you to get the general courses out the way while being able to save up for the next step in life.

Anonymous, Student, Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley, Class of 2016

Many students who attend Penn Valley are students who cannot afford to go to a four year university, which is where I started. The cost of school became too much and I could no longer attend, so I am home at Penn Valley.

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