What's the dress code for a business school interview? Does what people wear differ much between the top schools?


Nedda Gilbert, MSW, Educational Consultant, and Author

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First, whatever you choose to wear, it's a good idea to pick something you'll be comfortable in. Being comfortable will go a long way towards allowing you to focus on the interview and project confidence. Try on several outfits until you find the one that looks and feels just right.

That said, business school is all about business, so business attire is the way to go. This is pretty universal across all business schools.

Both men and women should stick to neutral and conservative colors: navy blue, grey, black. Clothing should be tailored and on the more conservative side. Pieces should be well-fitting, pressed and clean. Scuffed up shoes should be left at home in favor of newer, well polished ones. Avoid wearing anything too distracting like an overly colorful tie, heavy piping on a suit jacket, or for women, an overly frilly blouse. The focus should be on you, not on your cuff links, or rhinestone brooch. Men should stick to suits and ties; women to suits and skirts. Skirts should hit slightly above or at the knee. Women should choose any closed toe pump or dress shoe. Leave the strong perfume or cologne at home. Instead, bring your smile and enthusiasm.

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