Asked about: Cary High School

Describe the type of student who should attend Cary High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Cary High School, Class of 2016

Well driven students should attend Cary High School. The academics aren't as great as they could be, compared to the rest of Wake county, but Cary High makes up for it in it's diversity. Cary High School is nothing like the typical High School you see in movies. Everyone is very accepting and it's more like one big family than a school of cliches. Sure, there are different social groups, but everyone is very welcoming and accepting if you want to participate. I've never felt like I had to conform to being something I'm not while attending school. Everyones different and Cary High supports that. We've got great people and even greater spirit. We'll always bleed green.

Anonymous, Student, Cary High School, Class of 2018

Students who would like to be involved in their education and school activities such as athletics, watching or playing, should go to Cary High. Students who take responsibility for their own learning and who will take initiative to do their work should go to Cary High school. Students of all types go to Cary High School but most everybody does the right thing and helps a student in need.

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