What is a typical Poynette High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Poynette High School.


Anonymous, Student, Poynette High School, Class of 2016

A typical Poynette High School student is probably relatively athletic, on the honor roll, and content with growing up and living not more than a fifty mile radius from our town. Physically, a typical student is probably wearing camo or some sort of athletic clothing, subconsciously judging people that don't fit into that mold. They statistically are also Caucasian, and most likely of the Christian religion. Poynette High School students also love high school and cherish every moment of their last four years living under the same roof and income as their parents.

A person who SHOULD attend PHS should be unique, diverse, just different! Poynette needs to experience diversity and learn to accept it. It shouldn't as big of a deal to see students of a different skin color, religion, or sexual orientation - PHS needs to learn to be be accepting, welcoming, and encouraging as a whole. However, if one is okay with just "fitting in" or being "average" (which is completely okay), then they will coast through high school just fine.

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