Describe the type of student who should attend Valdosta State University. Why?



The type of person who is looking at Valdosta State should appreciate beauty, because this campus is beautiful. The front of campus has a large lawn where people gather and hang out when the weather is nice, complete with a fountain and some of the school buildings in the front, which I think look very nice. They need to enjoy being challenged by professors who want you to do your best. They need to be ready to step up and work hard. But they also need to be ready to have fun because there is always something going on on campus, small or large. From sororities and fraternities to intramural sports, there is always something you can sign up for and participate in. Future students of VSU need to be ready for something different and exciting. Because I think that's what Valdosta State strives to be.


I think any student is eligible to attend Valdosta State University. That person should bring a lot to the table such as honestly, brains, and great personality. When I visited Valdosta State for the first time they made everyone feel at home. It's just like a no child left behind law.

Anonymous, Student, Valdosta State University, Class of 2017

A student that is outgoing, a stand out, inquisitive and who has the ability to network. Students need to have initiative and a desire to learn because most of the valuable information I learned I had to seek out myself. A student who is not easily influenced by negativity because there is temptation to party or get involved in activities that are not conducive to learning. Valdosta Georgia is the southern most city in Georgia. There are students as well as citizens in the community that haven't had much interaction with people from different cultures, religious backgrounds and races which can cause some separation and even animosity between groups of students. I've not experienced any violence but there is definite separation between races and ethnic groups. However because of my personality, desire to learn and ease of ability to fit in, I've developed friendships and relationships with all types of people.

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