What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts?


Anonymous, Student, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Class of 2018

When we are not excelling and learning in the classroom, we are also excelling and learning outside of the classroom. Being a Liberal Arts College, and a catholic college we find fun and value in helping others. We assist in a lot of community work outside of the classroom. Along side that, we participate in athletic events and show pride in our school. During football season we have tailgates where parents, alumni, teachers and students alike all join together to show our full genuine support for the amazing school that we attend and its athletes. Tailgating in itself is highly enjoyable, the win of the game is even better.  All throughout the stadium is a rush a blue; blue faces, body paint, shirts, shorts you name it. It truly is a sight to see. It is a rush, and never seems to be anything less than fun. Additionally, as I said previously Thomas More is based off of community, we are a large happy community in itself, when we are not in the class room, out college likes to give us the opportunity to unwind and have fun. We often have sponsored events where the college provides blow-up houses, icee's, corn hole, and puppies for us which turns out to be extremely fun and one of the things we enjoy doing. Our college realizes that in order to have success in the classroom, you also have to enjoy yourself from time to time, that why they plan all of these fun activities that we as students participate in. It truly is a unique experience and community.

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