Will a 3.5 unweighted GPA and a 1740 SAT be enough for somebody to get into the University of Florida?


Will Carington, works for Noodle

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While there's no way to to predict an admissions decision based on numbers alone, you can take a look at the admissions section of the University of Florida's Noodle profile to get an idea of the school's selectivity. As you'll see, GPA is listed as a "Very Important" admissions consideration and SAT composite scores for accepted students range on average from 1740 to 2040.

Another useful source of information is the freshman profile available on the UF Admissions website, which has information about average GPAs as well as SAT/ACT scores for the incoming fall 2014 class. The page also provides the following summary of the school's admissions philosophy: "While the potential for academic success is a primary consideration, UF’s holistic application review also considers a student’s personal essay, honors and awards, extracurricular activities, and family background."

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the University of Florida Office of Admissions directly via email or at (352) 392-1365.

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