Describe the type of student who should attend Boise State University. Why?



I think any student would be happy at Boise State. It is not to big, but it is in a growing urban area that college kids can influence. The staff if very helpful on getting students on the right track and, because of the great scholarships, it is affordable for most students.


The type of student who should attend Boise State University is a student who loves adventure, loves community, and loves to work hard in school. These are all very important things because Boise State University offers many outdoor activities to keep you busy and active. Because of this, Boise is adventurous and ultimately revolves around the University. The community is very close knit and it is demonstrated throughout campus and downtown Boise. It is important that students who attend Boise State University work hard because at this University we set academic goals and work hard to meet them.

Anonymous, Student, Boise State University, Class of 2020

The students that have to attend Boise State University should be responsible and a very hard worker. Boise State is a great college that gives the students the opportunity to finish their education. By giving us this opportunity we should work hard and reach our goals.

Anonymous, Student, Boise State University, Class of 2016

A student who is determined and passionate about their studies; a student who is willing to be challenged and learn new things as their college career progresses. A student like this because Boise State University is a college that strives to go above and beyond what is normally addressed. They want to challenge their students to think in new mannerisms and to look at problems from another angle. BSU is a college for those who want to achieve great things.

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