What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Baker College of Clinton Township?


Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2018

Job placement here is very high. The career services team do everything possible to find you a great job and working towards your career. The students are very friendly and you have a chance to work with them personally as the classes are very small. The teachers are very easy going and majority will try their best to see you succeed. They do have an open door policy, so at any point you can talk to the dean who will also be willing to help you.

Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2016

One of the reasons why a student should attend Baker College is the outstanding IT department! They truly want to instill real world knowledge; in efforts to strengthen your ability for a successful career. Also offering a Cyber Security Team that really sheds light on network vulnerabilities. Also an amazing free opportunity to take advantage of as a Baker College student. After what I just said do I really need a third reason? I don't think so but I still will give you another. You take classes at Baker College that you know mold you into a stronger job applicant. You never once hear "Why do I have to take this class for graduation"? Every course has a huge impact on what’s to come after graduation and as Baker College student we understand the importance. Weigh your pros and cons... Baker College wins every time.

~ Richard Jorah

Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2017

The first reason someone should attend baker college is because of the classroom size. This was a major item in the choice for me. Baker is more intimate with students and faculty. Teachers know their students name, care about their education and help with the progression of passing their class. This is rare in most colleges and universities. The second reason is because Baker prepares students for the real world. They require classes that are really based on the major of each student. The technology taught is very up to date and I never felt that I was taking a class for no reason. The third reason is because of how available the staff is for their students at Baker. It really is an open door policy. Sending emails to speak to deans or financial aid help and even academic advisors is not stressful. The staff makes you feel that you are important and take the time out to make you feel that you matter. They help out in a timely manner that is also very effective.

Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2017

Baker College adapts - with multiple locations and tons of online options, Baker fits the everyday working individual. Baker College works FOR the student - At one point, I was greeted by name when I entered campus. Let me tell you, that is an awesome feeling as a student. A real person answers the phone every time you call, and you are never left without answers. Baker College is growing - it seems like every quarter I go to register, there are more and more class options for the student. However, they do not let that overpower the strength of their staff! They are always there to help, and adapt with students. They also offer lifetime support to their alumni.

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