With this address can my child go to Olive Elementary and not have to do open enrollment?


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Morning, If I may ask a question or two for some clarification. Are you moving within the school district? If the answer is yes, the registration is not as much to do. You will need to withdraw from the former school and register at the new school. More than likely you'll need to show a proof of address such as a utility or mortgage / lease.

If you are new to the city, town, etc you will need to register there and Olive can make the request to withdraw you from your former school. Typically a school will need the following: report card, shot records, social security card, birth certificate and proof of address. They may ask for more depending on the state requirements.

You may also want to stop by the school a day in advance and fill out the paperwork prior to going. This would help expedite the process and would allow you time to get any additional items they need to be prepared. They won't register unless everything is with the registration packet.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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