How do free democratic schools work? How do students from these schools manage to transition to more formal education environments like college if they choose to do so?


Dr. Aaron Smith, Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Currently Program Director at Aviation Academy, Co-Author of Awakening Your STEM School

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After some research, I really like the article Is a Democratic Free School Right For Your Child? that Patrick Farenga wrote.

In a nutshell, democratic schools students are in charge of their learning and surrounding. Teachers are there merely guiding students and on occasion help to clarify. It does teach responsibility. However, if a student does not have the self-drive or is unable to absorb the material, difficulty will ensue.

From what I have seen, students from democratic schools do go on to 4 year universities and for the most part, do fairly well. It truly depends on each student, their needs and desires, and how can they be best served at that institution. As long as they are open to learning new ideas and at the same time willing to ask for assistance when needed, students will do well.

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