Describe the type of student who should attend Worcester State University. Why?



Students who want a relatively affordable education often go here. The nursing program is one of the best in the state. It is really tough, but if you make it through the program it is almost guaranteed that you will pass the nursing tests. The education, nursing and biology programs seem to be the biggest at the school. A lot of guys from surrounding schools see our school as a place to go looking for wives, especially the ones from Worcester Polytechnic. Because our alcohol policies are pretty strict, huge partiers shouldn't go here. But there are several under 21 clubs in the area that aren't too bad, and there are always frat parties at surrounding schools to go to.

Anonymous, Student, Worcester State University, Class of 2017

Worcester State is my first 4 year college after I graduated from my community college. The jump was a little bit nerve wracking but I was ready to start the next chapter in my life. My fear was getting lost in a big school, but coming to Worcester State, I learned that that wouldn't be a problem at all. The school has a close feel to it. If you like the comfort of a close knit college where it's easy to make friends then look no further! The faculty and staff are very caring and they actually care about your success and want you to do well. They won't let you fall behind in classes or get lost in the crowd. They go out of their way for you like a parent would. If you like to participate in extracurricular activities this is the place for you. They offer many different things that you can get involved with especially volunteer work. If you want to participate in study abroad they have many different places where you can go and they guide you on how to get there. Also if you're a serious student and want to do an internship, they help you find one even if its out of state, and Worcester State has connections with many good institutions especially ones linked to health care. This school will take care of all of your academic needs, has good connections, and will help you succeed all with the feeling of a close knit community

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