What advice do you have for an incoming freshman at OSU?


Anonymous, Former graduate

Top Ten Things I learned from Ohio State

  1. Work hard, play hard - Doing well in school is important and should be your primary focus. However, you should make sure to have fun too.
  2. Get to know your professors - if you need a letter of recommendation or on the border between a B+ and an A- for the class, it will pay off.
  3. Get season tickets to football and basketball games. Go to the games.
  4. The name of our chief rival isn't Michigan or the University of Michigan or U of M. It is the Team Up North.
  5. Stay healthy and active - workout regularly, visit the doctor, visit the dentist, etc.
  6. Don't head for home on the weekends all the time. Stick around campus.
  7. Try new things - take a class that you are interested in but isn't necessarily in your area of study (e.g. Scuba Diving). Join a club. Talk to someone from a different culture.
  8. Friends - it is likely that some of your friends from freshman year will be your friends for life. Choose wisely.
  9. Spouse - Who knows, you may even find your future spouse on campus so be on your best behavior.
  10. Finish what you start. The goal is to graduate and get a good job or move on to graduate school. Always keep that in mind.

Go Bucks!

Samantha Hadad, The Ohio State University Noodle Brand Ambassador.

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Meet new people!! Keep you dorm door open when you are just sitting around and pick up conversations. These people are going to be your best friends.

Anonymous, Freshman success

Two things - 90% of what you take away will be your ability to successfully navigate the system, knowing how to find the answer - not knowing the answer.

Treat is like a job - stick to a schedule, miss nothing and carve out time for recreation. Work hard and play hard.

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