Describe the type of student who should attend Lawrence Technological University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Lawrence Technological University, Class of 2020

This is a school for students who like to design. You have to like imagination. People who go to this school believe they can change the world. They don't mind doing quite a bit of work to get there either, and you have to work hard just to keep up with the curriculum. You have to be confident in your work, even if it may not be the best thing you've ever done, you have to make people believe it is. You have to like working with your hands, building models, taking pictures, working with plaster, cement and even concrete at times. You have to be up for stressful days, long work hours, more often than not even long hours into the night. Most importantly, you have to know that all of this struggle is worth the end product and the fact that you did the best you could. Nothing is like the feeling of finishing what you personally designed. The work in this school is stressful, so in a way, you have to love the fast-paced stress and end -of-the-day success.

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