Would you recommend attending Morristown West High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Morristown West High School, Class of 2015

I would absolutely recommend attending Morristown West High School for one reason and one reason alone. Here at Morristown West High School, we create champions! Over half of our student body receives free and reduced lunches, yet at the same time we are ranked tenth for education in the state of Tennessee. This is because every student who comes in with a troubled background or a lousy attitude is immediately immersed into an environment where excuses simply don't exist. Excellence is what is expected from our students and excellence is what we specialized in. Our pasts don't define us, and our futures are forged through teamwork, raw endurance, and some good old fashion Trojan grit. You won't find a harder working student body or faculity in all of East Tennessee.

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