I am currently thinking about attending this school. So, is this honestly a good school?


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Central Aroostook Jr./ Sr. High School received an overall grade of a D on its school report card. Its students performed lower than the state average in math and reading proficiency as well as progress. However, its graduation rate was about on par with the state's.

It's very difficult to label a school as definitively bad or good based on statistical data without being unfair or making too many assumptions. The school's ratings are not in a 1 to 1 correspondence with the quality of teachers or resources offered. You should also check out the school's website to learn more about its activities, resources and athletics.

That said, you should still explore schools in the surrounding area.Presque Isle High School is in the same general area. Its NCLB report card is available on the district website. Some of the scores in reading, science and math look to be on par, or slightly ahead of the state average.

I would also recommend calling any of the schools you're considering if you have specific questions. For instance, if there is a specific program, activity or resource in which you're interested, you'll want to make sure it's actively being offered at the school before you enroll. You can reach Presque Isle High School at (207) 764-0121 and Central Aroostook High School at (207) 425-2811.

Best of luck and feel free to write back any time you need!

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