Describe the type of student who should attend University of North Texas. Why?



UNT offers degrees in an array of sciences, engineering fields, liberal arts, fine arts, performing arts, humanities, public policy, and graduate professional education. Although the studies are broad, UNT isn't for everyone. Denton is a small liberal town, which coincides with the liberal school. Athletics aren't as competitive or as fun as if you attended an SEC university. UNT is extremely artsy and also very environmental friendly. GO MEAN GREEN

Anonymous, Student, University of North Texas, Class of 2019

I don't feel like there is a specific type of student that should attend UNT. This college is filled with many different people. The only quality someone coming to this school should have is determination. Be determined to do well and finish school for yourself and your future.

Anonymous, Student, University of North Texas, Class of 2017

The type of student who should attend UNT should be one who is focused, has goals and is willing to put in the work to succeed. The student needs to be one who realizes the opportunity that they have and that this time is for them to get ahead in life and learn the skills they will need to make a difference as they graduate and enter the world.

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