Which 3 extracurricular activities at Jordan High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Jordan High School, Class of 2016

Jordan High School does offer quite a few extracurricular activities to students. And, many of them are quite popular. However, I would say that the three most popular extracurricular activities are soccer, basketball, and football. Soccer is very popular because this upcoming season is only its second season. I actually was the one that went through all of the trouble to get a soccer program for my school, and I am beyond proud of that. And with basketball and football, the games are always packed. Jordan has amazing school spirit. One extracurricular activity I specifically would recommend would be a lacrosse program. Many surrounding schools have a team, and I believe Jordan would easily be able to compete and do well against other schools.

Anonymous, Student, Jordan High School, Class of 2015

The three most popular extra curricular activities at Jordan include FCCLA, DECA, and PLT. PLT stands for peer leadership team, it is really fun to teach kids how to become leaders and develop their social skills. FCCLA is great as well because you get to try new things and learn how to manage time and make cool things.

Anonymous, Student, Jordan High School, Class of 2015

The three most popular extracurricular activities at Jordan High School include ASB, Xi Sisters and Besst Buddies. I would recommend all three because they serve more for the school and community than any other activities at school. Associated Student Body and XI Sisters are both great activities in which our students appoint and elect their own officers that will gain leadership and will be able to decide for the entire group whole. They are both promising activities in which they perform rallies, hold events and pitch in ideas for high school activities through out the school year. They both raise money in a considerable amount of fundraisers to provide for field trips and to hold other events as well. They are in charge of selling food, drinks, and small snacks during the Football games at fairs and much more besides all of that they still join parades in which they march with other high schools and they encourage our students to join them as well. It is a beautiful environment to be around students that have a lot of school pride. As for Besst Buddies it is a wonderful program/ activity to be in because you do not have to sign up to be a member it is more of a voluntary program in which students dedicate their time before school during nutrition and or lunch and after school as well to talk, listen and play with the high school students that have learning disabilities. It is a wonderful program in which they set up the cutest events for the kids especially throughout the holidays. They hold events in which they are the stars singing and dancing on the stage during lunch. It is great for them to be able to make friends and feel wanted by their peers in school. They also help the program by launching a campaign to aware the students on campus that the kids with learning disabilities DO NOT want to be called the "R" word. (retarded) because it is a mean word and they do not fit the word itself. Those are the three extracurricular activities at Jordan high school in which i feel are the most popular.

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