I am an immigrant and i am looking for admission in Wharton County Junior College .... experts please help me with the procedures and the process ?


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Wharton County Junior College welcomes international students who demonstrate fluency in both written and spoken English in addition to satisfying regular admission requirements. Evidence of English proficiency may be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

1. Earning a TOEFL score of at least 525. (197 on computer based, or 75 internet based TOEFL)

2. Earning a score of at least 9 at an ELS Language Center.

3. Completing the advanced level at the Intensive English Center at the University of Houston.

4. Completing Level 6 at the Intensive English Center at the University of Houston-Downtown.

All international students are required to register at the Office of the Director of Admissions and Registration on the Wharton campus on the official dates for registration that are stated in the current Wharton County Junior College calendar - July 11 - August 24. They must register for classes that require student presence on campus throughout the five-day college week.

International students must also submit a signed statement guaranteeing the availability of adequate finances to pay all expenses while enrolled at Wharton County Junior College. Housing is limited on campus. Prospective students who wish to attend classes on the Wharton campus are encouraged to contact the Dean of Student Services (979) 532-6387 for a list of available housing at least three weeks prior to registration.

In addition, International students who transfer from other institutions must fulfill regular entrance requirements for international students and must submit a statement of good standing from the transfer institution.

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