What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Howard Payne University?


Anonymous, Student, Howard Payne University, Class of 2019

smaller classes, more one-on-one experience with their professors, and Christian environment in which to study and learn

Anonymous, Student, Howard Payne University, Class of 2019

The best quality HPU has is the environment here it's loving and friendly. Another great reason to come here is we dedicate time to help others. This is a very selfless school, and we are very close to the community. Lastly, HPU offers many great classes and the student to professor ratio is very limited.

Anonymous, Student, Howard Payne University, Class of 2019

size of school (large enough to offer a variety of professions but small enough to know each student, location of school in Central Texas, and general attitude of educators and staff

Anonymous, Student, Howard Payne University, Class of 2018

1) The people here are amazing, the students here really care about each other and want to get to know and be there for each other. 2) HPU is a Christian University, but that doesn't mean students who aren't Christians are excluded or treated any differently. For some the word "Christian" might be a turn off, but this University is the kind of place that helps one change the negative views that may be held about this religious denomination. The whole campus has an atmosphere of love and peace, and even if you don't know what causes it at first, you can definitely still sense it. 3) The professors are amazing! They care about our lives and well beings outside of class, as well as in class. There will be professors that you don't even have, and probably never will have in class, who will learn your name and take an interest into your life. You're not just a seat filled in a class room here, you're an individual who they want to pour into.

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