What is an ideal GPA for a student applying to Champlain?


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When applying to Champlain College Graduate School the requirements will differ depending upon what program you're applying to. A list of graduate programs and admissions requirements is available on the graduate school's website. Most of the programs don't specify a particular or minimum GPA, but they all emphasize that it must be competitive when taken in conjunction with your work/academic experience and other admission materials.

You can also find a list of academic requirements for undergraduate applicants on the site. Again, the school doesn't state a specific GPA, but it does stress that your secondary course load should be rigorous and competitive.

For more information, you can view some rankings and selectivity data on the school. It is considered a selective school with an acceptance rate of 70.8 percent.

If you have more specific questions that you can't answer online, you can always call the college at (802) 860-2700.

Noodle also has plenty of advice on picking the right graduate program, including expert-written articles and questions asked by other students in your position.

Best of luck in your search!

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