Which 3 extracurricular activities at Davidson Early College are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Davidson Early College, Class of 2019

At Davidson Early College we are allowed to join our clubs and the college's clubs. We have Gavel Club, Student Government, Drama Club, Quiz Bowl, and many others that are on the college's website. The three most popular are Quiz Bowl, Student Government, and Drama Club. I recommend Drama Club, because it is more of team building club. While we are acting, we are becoming better friends which helps us preform better. I think team work is a big thing in education and it is very important that we work on it.

Anonymous, Student, Davidson Early College, Class of 2019

SGA, Gavel Club, TEAMS I would recommend Quiz Bowl because it challenges me intellectually and I learn new things. I would also recommend Yearbook because it gives me creative freedom and a voice in our schools yearbook.

Anonymous, Student, Davidson Early College, Class of 2016

We do not have extracurricular activities at this high school. We are an academic based early college school ad do not have time for extracurricular groups such as sports, or band. However, we do have some clubs, as well as a student government and the privilege of taking college c;asses at the same time as high school classes. OI would recommend taking as many college classes as you can.

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