What is a typical Viroqua High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Viroqua High School.


Anonymous, Student, Viroqua High School, Class of 2016

As much as I or other students attending my school say it, we would not choice any other high school over mine. Yeah my school might not be perfect on the outside, but on the inside, it is a whole new story. My favorite part of high school is getting the chance to meet people and at Viroqua everyone is so accepting. My now senior class has grown as one big family, starting out in pre-k, our bond has become unbreakable. Honestly, getting up in the morning is so easy being I get to see everyone and start my day off right and I know others feel the same. The average student life at Viroqua, with some acceptations, includes a well bonded relationship with the staff, a positive social environment to learn in, and a resource the last part of the day to reflect on the day as well as ensure a healthy mindset leaving the building. My point being, we have all been raised around this cultural impression of Viroqua Wisconsin which has shaped us into the people we are today. I can confidently say that my fellow students, including me are well rounded, down to earth people who like to angle themselves away from drama. As teens, we tend to like social gatherings at sporting evens where we can cheer on our imperfectly perfect friends. In addition to such, we are teens, meaning we sadly love our phone more days than our parents and would love to indulge in a week long break from school. Viroqua High is made for a student who is not afraid of being like, there is a place for everyone in the halls. One who has a positive mindset and is inspired to socialize will find themselves more at home than writer in a newfound cafe.

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