Describe the type of student who should attend San Jose State University. Why?



San Jose State University provides a wide variety of students to attend, as it is one of the schools that have the most diversity on campus. So anyone can attend this school without feeling lost or uncomfortable while being in this college while still have the chance to embrace what it feels like having the college experience during academic years

Anonymous, Student, San Jose State University, Class of 2018

The type of student that should attend San Jose State University is a very well driven and an active member in extra curricular activities. San Jose State University offers a very large amount of student involvement opportunities from volunteer positions at the Student Wellness Center to working in the student-run dining commons to the ever classic Greek Life. A student that has great time management skills and isn't afraid of a little public speaking will fit in and so will a student of the opposite. If a student is looking to gain more experiences and extend a resume or even join a club for the first time then they will also fit in here. This university is one that has a means of student involvement for every student's own individual preference. If a student is looking for student involvement, extending their social network and making relationships that will last for ages, then In highly recommend that this student attends San Jose State University.

Anonymous, Student, San Jose State University, Class of 2019

The ideal student should be someone who is determined,focused ,courageous,and resilient.Also a student who loves to get involved in the community.The reason is because these are the traits of San Jose Spatans!!

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