Asked about: Loyola Academy

Describe the type of student who should not attend Loyola Academy and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Loyola Academy, Class of 2016

Loyola Academy is not for everyone. In short, it is a school filled with social butterflies, jocks, thespians, nerds, and basically every stereotype one could think of. However, sometimes the stigma that one needs to fit into a "clique" gets the best of a student and he or she decides Loyola is just not the right fit. In the social world today, there is that constant pressure of fitting in. Loyola sadly does not do a great job of going against this stigma and erasing these pressures. In reality, Loyola may even present a greater pressure to fit into a certain group. The four years at high school are a time to socialize and create a core group of friends that will be remembered for a lifetime. However, if it is difficult for a student to put himself or herself out there to meet new people, he or she may have a difficult time "fitting in". This is especially hard because Loyola does have incredible opportunities to meet people, but sometimes students find it difficult to connect with others around them. Overall, Loyola provides many instances to socialize with others and get a feeling of the student body. Although, very introverted students do not feel comfortable with sharing with others their true self which sometimes can lead to isolation or a challenging experience socially.

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