Describe the type of student who should attend University of Hartford. Why?


Anonymous, Student, University of Hartford, Class of 2017

The type of person who should attend the University of Hartford is a person who is willing to work hard to achieve good grades and other academic and career goals. The person should also be motivated in achieving their career and academic goals whether he/she plans to attend grad school or medical school or obtain any career of some sort after college. A student should also be open-minded when attending due not only to the differences in ethnicities and backgrounds, but in career paths.

Anonymous, Student, University of Hartford, Class of 2019

I am a freshman at Uhart. From my first semester at school I find that those whom care about their grades, manage their time, and most of all are very friendly and personable are the ones who will flourish here. If one can handle being able to attend classes and getting there on time, that is half the work. The classes have 20 students max so teachers always ask why someone is not in class. About whether one is sick or maybe didn't wake to the alarm. The professors care, but they can only do so much to help you. There are students who don't care about handing in work and skip classes... They unfortunately tend to either get a borderline C or end up failing. I am doubling in Psychology and Illustration. Both fields have a mind set of work coming first and fun later. My roommate is an Engineer, from hanging out with her engineer friends they seem to be in the boat. The library is always teeming with students until it closes at 1am. Since there is so much emphasis on work I have deduced that being able to handle stress and the workload comes with being able to make friends easily. There are many opportunities to meet others in you grade with school held functions such as Halloween and Christmas parties along with dances- off campus parties - martial arts classes- joining one of the 4-5 a cappella groups or a sports team like lacrosse. I haven't met any one person who hasn't joined some sort of group. Joining a recreational group helps many people let lose and meet their closest friends.

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