What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Ottawa University-Ottawa?


Anonymous, Student, Ottawa University-Ottawa, Class of 2015

Ottawa University is a small campus that is great for someone looking to stand out. There are many opportunities here to get to know your teachers and your classmates. The president and provost of the University will even get to know you.

You can be involved in many things on campus. You don't have to choose between sports and clubs, you can do both, and even still have time for homework and free time.

The atmosphere in Ottawa, Kansas is unbeatable. Everyone is friendly and nice. Everyone will come out to support every sport. Ottawa University is not the place where you walk to class with headphones in and eyes down. Rather, you walk with your head up, smiling at everyone you pass, and stopping often to greet your friends.

Anonymous, Student, Ottawa University-Ottawa, Class of 2018

The top three reasons should attend Ottawa is the people, the activities, and the courses offered here. The people here are inviting and have a good vibrant vibe, everyone is pretty much friends with everyone. The activities here are not like any other colleges they try to get you to participate and have fun before you leave this town and have to live the adult life. Lastly the courses here, will really prepare you for the life after college.

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