Would you recommend attending The Urban School of San Francisco if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, The Urban School of San Francisco, Class of 2016

I actually already do recommend the Urban School of San Francisco to many people as I am on the student admission committee. I actually like urban a lot for being a person of color, who is also an introvert. I say this because urban by design is a small school, so extroverts get to talk more by nature of who they are. However, Urban does a great job of making the space inclusive for people of all different walks of life and learning styles. At Urban, I have found that students are challenged to speak more and participate in smaller class discussions. This is helpful as we always have discussions and it allows for people to contribute and think out loud. This then comes in handy when planning to write papers or when getting ready to complete an experiment. I also mentioned being a person of color, at Urban one could be of any ethnicity and feel comfortable due to our inviting and down to earth community, especially for being a high school that costs as much college to attend. Lastly, with this comes great opportunities that arise both inside and outside the classroom. These opportunities range from professional but deep student-teacher relationships, great student to student relationships, and some pretty great networking.

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