What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Lincoln University?


Anonymous, Student, Lincoln University, Class of 2018

Someone should attend Lincoln University because everyone is truly there to help you especially the president and the professors and that can be hard to find some times. The learning environment is amazing there are people there to support you if you need support rather in school or in your personal life. The campus life is amazing from meeting new people and faces to relaxing and preparing for exams and test. I love Lincoln University and i have wanted to go since i was little.

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln University, Class of 2019

Lincoln University is a wonderful school. The campus and classes are small. The staff are helpful and supportive. They school focuses on Community Living which helps you ease into the transition of college life surrounded by like minded people.

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln University, Class of 2017

Because it is a HBCU, the classes are smaller than classes at larger schools and because there are so many different activites to be involved in.

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