Can my kid go to Boca Middle if I live in Delray Beach?


Paul Kavanagh, My kid goes to the school

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There is a small strip of Delray, S of Linton from Dixie to the intracoastal that is still zoned for Boca Middle.

Carolyn Englar, I work at Noodle

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We just spoke with Boca Raton Middle. As of last year, the section of Delray Beach that was assigned to Boca Middle was sent back to the Carver Middle school district, so that is most likely the public school where your child would go. But to confirm which school your child should attend, please visit, scroll down and on the left hand side you will see the apple logo that says "Find My School." From there you can submit your address, and it should tell you which middle school your child should attend.

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